[event] Thinking about heading out for the 2013 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour? Check out this handy dandy UNOFFICIAL guide we created for all things HRPT 2013! Please feel free to SHARE it with your friends. 


[new shop] Our slice of heaven :) Name all of the cars in the photo :) Betcha can’t. 


[new shop] Sarah just discovered her panaoramic app on her iPhone. Oh the joys of technology! And hows about that shop??? Sharp, eh?


[new shop] The shop is starting to fill up. What a beautiful sight! We love our life.

More pics from our new shop here: www.americanrestomods.com/newshop

[new shop] The guys loading in the 67 mustang.

More pics and info on the new shop here: www.americanrestomod.com/newshop

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This graphic was made in jest and we would only shoot them with a Super Soaker—in which case, water is pretty environmentally friendly. 

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[event] We are trying to organize a caravan to next years Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour. We started a forum for that specific purpose. Ralph has begun the planning process for a caravan from Atlanta to Arlington. Hop on over if you plan to go on the Tour next year. Let’s get together!!!


[customer cars] These three beauties leave for Streetside Classic Cars (Lithia Springs, GA location) today and are on the market. So, if you are looking to buy a resto classic built by American Resto Mods, check em out!


[customer car] Pow wow on roof repair for the 69 Pontiac Firebird.

Follow the build here: http://www.americanrestomods.com/69firebird/

One of our newest projects here at American Resto Mods. Can you tell what it is???

One of our newest projects here at American Resto Mods. Can you tell what it is???